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"Ow my head that was quite a blow I took a moment ago." said Gaomon rubbing a large bruise on his head. He was currently sitting under an oak tree relaxing under the shade provided by the big branches and the leaves that were on the tree also. Maybe I'll go for a swim since its so hot here in the digital world." Said Gaomon to himself. He got up and started
walking to the lake that he passed by on his way to the oak tree where he had fought a wild Agumon. While Gaomon
was walking a purple potion appeared in his path and he tripped over it. "Whaa the" thought Gaomon as he fell flat on his face. He picked himself up off of the ground. He picked up the potion that he had tripped over and read the label that was glued on
to the glass bottle that had the purple liquid inside of it. Muscle Growth
potion was printed on the label of the glass bottle. "Well down
the hatch I guess" muttered Gaomon to himself
pulling off the cork of the glass bottle and downing the potion that was
inside. "Yuck that's nasty tasting!" Gaomon thought to himself making a disgusted look as the potion slid down his throat
leaving a burning feeling on his tounge. Almost Instantly a change began to happen in Gaomon's physique and his appearance. Gaomon's arms and legs began to increase in size and weight due to the muscles in them expanding to twice their current size. Gaomon screamed in pain as the expansion of his muscles and also because he had begun bleeding due to the transformation that was occurring in his body right at the moment. Shortly about 5 to 10 minutes after Gaomon had downed the potion that caused the muscular growth in his body, the growth through Gaomon's body stopped and his muscles had grownto be about the size of a Japanese class prettyboy model
who went to the gym about twice a week to lift weights and run on the
treadmills there.
My contest entry for *lz0291 's contest that he's running. It's a short story about an anthro gaomon drinking a muscle growth potion I left it open ended for other people to continue.
wbender2467 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Whoa," Gaomon said. "Talk about growth spurts!" "Uh, yeah, speaking of which, where the heck are you!" a small voice said. Gaomon looked down at his feet to see his friend and trainer, Mikey Kudo. "Oh, hey, Mikey!" he shouted. Mikey looked up at the towering Digimon. "Yeah, get ready for a story."
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thanks for the compliment
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